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2018 SCSOA Meeting Dates:

Tuesday August 28, 2018  7:00 pm    Lapham CC - Interpreter's Meeting

Wednesday September 12  7:15 pm    Lapham CC

Thursday September 27   7:15 pm    Lapham CC Tuesday October 16   7:15 pm    Lapham CC

Monday November 5  7:15 pm    Lapham CC - Annual Meeting

Monday November 26    6:30 pm    Waveny House - Annual Banquet

2018 Alternate Interpreter's Meetings:
(before traveling contact and verify with the Board their dates have not changed)

Coastal Valley Board   -   Tues Aug 28 - 7:00 pm  -   Haddam-Killingworth HS

Western Connecticut Board   -   Wed Sep 5 - 7:00 pm -   Holy Cross HS

New Haven Board   -   Thurs Aug 30 - 6:30 pm  -   North Haven Rec Center

Eastern Connecticut Board   -   Wed Sep 5 - 7:00 pm  -   Griswold HS

Central Connecticut Board   -   Thurs Sep 5 - 6:30 pm  -   SMSA HS

Click here for the CIAC Schedule of 2018 Fall Rules Interpretation Meetings

updated 10Nov18

SCSOA eReferee System

SCSOA will continue to use the on-line SCSOA eReferee System since its sucessfull implementation in the 2013 fall season. The SCSOA eReferee System will be expanded and continue to provide many on-line conveniences such as completing the yearly Recertification process on-line, paying the yearly fee/dues via credit card and on-line game reporting.

Read the following document for an overview of the SCSOA eReferee System's Account Login, Recertification and Yearly Fee payment process:

SCSOA Referee Report Requirements

  • All Soccer games officiated by SCSOA Referees will require the "Head" Referee to fill out and submit a Referee Report via the on-line SCSOA eReferee System within 24 hours of the game. Login to your account at SCSOA eReferee and select the link "Input Game Report & Teams" Sportsmanship Rating" from Account Utilities.

    For Referee Assault, Referee Abuse, Serious Injury, or any other Substantial or Unusual Occurrences be sure to fill out the section "Referee Supplementary Report" and contact your board President immediately after the game!!!
  • All "Cards" at all levels (Boys and Girls, Varsity, JV and Freshman) must be reported. The "Head" Referee will logon to CIAC Online Card Reporting and fill in the appropriate information (each card must be submitted individually). If you make a mistake while submitting a card (wrong name, wrong school, wrong infraction, etc.) do not submit the same card a second time; e-mail Matt Fischer, Director of Information Services, CIAC at mfischer@casciac.org with the report ID you got when you submitted the card (something like 2008-123) and the correction(s) that need to be made and we will make the correction(s) for you. If no cards are given this step is not necessary.

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